decknumbersCritical Deck Connections

When inspecting your deck you must look over many components. More visable items like wood rot and large cracks are key, but you have to also make sure the entire structure is sound as a whole.

A Fix It!® technician will make sure your deck is built with a continuous load path. This is the method of construction that ensures the load of the deck will be transfered through its frame to the ground and surrounding support structures, more than likely the house. This method of construction makes sure these solid connections are keeping you and your family safe.

You’ll need to a more than a few nails or another deck board or two for a continous load path. Eight different key areas must be secured via connectors and fasteners to make sure the structure is able to support your family get-together. One of the Fix It!® technicians will inspect your deck closely to ensure your safety.

deck_11. Ledger Attachment
Connection to the house. Most common failure point. Use screws, not nails.
deck_22. Joist-to-Ledger
Deck floor joists intersect beam or ledger board. Secured to framing of house.
deck_33. Beam-to-Post
Properly connected posts to beams under deck.
deck_44. Railing Post-to-Deck Framing
Railings must be attached properly to perimeter of deck and floor joists underneath deck.
deck_55. Joist-to-Beam
Beams must be secured to the joists that support the floor of the deck.
deck_66. Stair Tread-to-Stringer
Each stair step (or tread) must be properly connected to the stair stringers.
deck_77. Stair Stringer-to-Deck Framing
Stair stringers that run along each of the stair steps (or treads) must be secured to the deck framing.
deck_88. Post-to-Concrete
Post bases connect the post to the footing or concrete slab underneath your deck.

Deck Retrofitting

Did you know a deck’s lifespan is about 10 – 15 years? You may think you need to replace your whole deck once that 15 years are up. Think again! At Fix It!® We can help retro fit your deck so it can become the life of the party again. Rotting elements and missing or broken components can easily be fixed with retrofitting. Larger cracks in the foundation may need to be replaced, but retrofitting can fix many issues and can also turn out to be a less expensive alternative.

Deck Repair

In addition to retrofitting a simple repair may be possible. Only half of the 40 million decks in the US are code compliant. Fix It!® is here to help repair and maintain your deck. Have your deck inspected every three years so you don’t become another horror story on the news – Deck Collapses Under the Weight of People! Let us come take a look to make sure everything is up to code with your deck. We have a team of technicians waiting to power wash your deck or repair that broken board. Whether you use your deck to party or to relax, give us a call so we can help get your deck back up and running.

Graphic courtesy of Simpson Strong-Tie.