Trim Repair

Trim and molding are decorative wood work that is used to embellish the floors, walls, and ceilings of homes. While the purpose is generally decorative, they may also be used to hide gaps that occur where a floor and wall or ceiling and wall aren’t flush. Once installed, the trim can also provide minor reinforcement to the overall structure. This decorative feature may be made from wood or other composite materials.

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Moldings and trim generally look best when they are fitted tightly to walls and ceilings. Small gaps show shadow lines and leave the trim looking unfinished. To fill gaps between moldings and the ceiling or walls, your professional might only need to apply caulk. This is flexible enough to ride out any movement caused by moisture changes. However, if the gap is caused by a wall or ceiling that isn’t flush, other types of options to fix the gap might be needed – such as drywall.

Reviving trim

In addition to repairing your trim, you may consider reviving it a bit with a thorough cleaning or new painting and staining. The cost of reviving your trim is much less expensive than replacing it throughout your home and it can give your space an updated look.

Rotted trim

External trim that has rotted is relatively easy to repair. Depending upon the extent of the damage of the rot, our professional might be able to fix the problem with a blend of epoxy and paint – which can be much less expensive than trying to replace exterior trim, and could cost on the low end of what most homeowners spend. If the rot only affects a small area, this would be the way to go.

Removal of old trim

If moldings and trim are badly damaged, it’s best to replace them. If you already have trim installed in your home, take into account the removal of existing molding and trim as well as the clean-up in your price of installation.

Door trim and baseboards

Door trim and baseboards are the most often damaged trim inside a home. Depending on the extent of damage, it is more likely you will need to replace the trim pieces. Sometimes you may be able to get away with a patch and paint job, but this may not last, especially if the trim is in a high-traffic area of your home.

The appearance of stained and varnished woodwork can dramatically improve any room in your home. Make any room in your home look brand new with our trim repair service. Let us help with the process! We are here to clean, scrape, and sand your trim before we repair it completely. Give us a call today to get one schedule!

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