Screen Repair

Window Screen Repair

Window screens are important if you want to keep bugs out and fresh air coming in. So what happens when it’s time to replace an old tattered screen? Not everyone is schooled in these types of home repair projects.

This is where Fix It!® screen repair services can help. We offer on-site window screen repair, door screen repair, re-screening existing screen frames that are in good shape, or complete window or door screen replacement.

With just one call, an Fix It!® Handyman service technician arrives at your home at the arranged time with tools in hand and ready to work.

Screen Repair Handyman - Fix It!® MA Metro West - Call (508) 305-2055Window Frame Color Options

Need a new frame? Standard frame colors include silver, white, tan, adobe, bronze (Dark Brown), and black. In addition to standard frame colors, certain products are available with custom color options depending on the product you choose to have installed.

Screen Fabric Choices & Parts

There are a number of screen fabrics, colors, and meshes available from sun control to insect control to pet-resistant screens. Replacement handles, wheels and specialty parts are available to repair most screen windows and screen doors. This includes those hard to find parts. New screen frames can be built to replace old or worn out screens when needed. All repairs or replacements include adjusting and working on your existing screen doors and window screens.

Door Screen Repair

Fix It!® is an expert at screen door repair. Screens are one of the first things that visitors notice when visiting your home. Our on-site screen repair service includes:

• Re-screening existing doors
• New screen door, handle, and wheels
• Cleaning and lubricating door tracks
• Adjusting screen door for best performance

Fix It!® Handyman is your one stop solution. From repairing those torn window or door screens to replacing light bulbs you can’t reach anymore to all those other home repair and improvement projects you just don’t have time for, Fix It!® Handyman is your complete solution for handyman help.

Screens can be a pesky thing to repair by yourself. Whether you have a giant cut down the middle or a bent frame, we can help repair it. Screen repair is something you want to get fixed immediately to keep the outside pests out of your home.

Looking for a quality and affordable screen repair handyman for your next project? Contact us today!